Stretching in BJJ Class

Lately I have noticed in my classes how much time can be lost in a single training session. There lot of times at the end of the class when everyone is rolling and someone may be missing out due to being tired or injured or because it’s your turn to sit out on a round robin.

So this is a quick tip how can you improve your jiu jitsu even when you not rolling!

The answer is simply stretching!

Stretching can bring many benefits for your Jiu Jitsu:

  • 1- Avoid injuries- when you stretch your range of motions will improve, so you will minimise the risk of injuries, especially in jiu jitsu movements where there is a lot of twisting of the joints.
  • 2- Heal quicker- Stretching will create more spaces in the joints and with that you’ll get increased blood flow to the joint, speeding healing.
  • 3- Improve your guard game-Your guard will become amazing, especially getting flexible around the hips (one of the tighter spots on the body) this will improve you guard defence and attack a lot.
  • 4- Survive longer - As you will get more range of motion overall on your body, you will be less likely to get submitted as you will be able to go further in the submission giving you more chance to escape.
  • 5- Don’t get so tired – as you achieve greater range of motion with your joints, you will spend way less energy when executing techniques. Saving energy overall helps when it comes down to the finish.

So next time try not to sit around on the side of the mat just sittingn make full use of hour or two of training to improve not just your technique and fitness but also your flexibility!

Do something to day that you will thank yourself tomorrow!

Ps: For the very few of you, that are maybe too flexible on the joints (sub laxity), do not stretch and instead try do the opposite. Strengthen your muscle to tighten up your joints..

Daniel Lima

Tuesday, September 15, 2015