Visiting A BJJ Academy

started training bjj in 1995,not long after the first ever UFC... That's when jiu jitsu was starting to develop in brazil at the time.Since then there has been a major change in how we learn jiu jitsu and how different teams share information.

Due to a life situation I ended up moving to many places getting to know different states and countries through out my jiu jitsu journey and this allowed me to visit many different academies.

During those years I had the opportunity to visit over 100 different academies and one of the things I learned was how to get into the academy, how to be there and how to leave. That knowledge allowed me not only the opportunity to visit many academies but also means that I am welcome back to all the places I have been.

So I will share with you 10 key things that I learned through my journeys about what to do when you visit other places...

#1 When you go to another academy and you want to train always talk to the head instructor or the highest rank first, even if you have been invited by some one else.

#2 When you are speaking to the instructor never address him by his name only unless you know him very well! Always address using professor,coach, sensei or master. That shows a sign of respect to the instructor. And that will be very helpful for your stay.

#3 Every academy is different, but a good piece of advise before you walk onto the mat is to bow and then shake everybody's hands on the mat including the lower belts, that demonstrates a sign of respect to everybody. If possible always start from the highest belt in the room.

#4 Also be aware of any other rules that the gym may have (eg: fix your belt facing the wall, or maybe
bow, sit in a different way. The more aware of things you are the more you will blend in.

#5 When you roll with people always make sure you let them choose the intensity of the roll, start easy
and go from there.. the chances are that some people may try to test you.

#6 Make sure you are aware of the levels of energy and how much you put it out. One of the things that doesn't look good is when you tell people that you are tired and you can't roll
( you may come across as rude).
Remember you are visiting the academy, and the chances are everybody will want to roll with you.

#7 Never stop a roll in the middle because you are too tired, this is probably one of the worse thing you can do when you visit an academy, tap as many times you need and don't try to go too hard too soon.

#8 You may be really good, athletic or strong and maybe even better than the instructor, but if you roll with him, don't try to tap him out in his own class. This will again demonstrate a great sign of respect too.- Exception of the rule is if he decides to go really hard on you, then you should be ok! I guess survival is the first rule!

#9 Never correct the instructor in any way in front of his class, this is by far one of the worse things you can ever do in a visit to an academy.

#10 Make sure you thank the instructor and other members for the opportunity to train at his academy too. That will open doors for you for next time.

I hope that will help you on your next few new Academy jiu jitsu visits

Daniel Lima
Fight Club Jiu Jitsu

Tuesday, September 15, 2015